Our 10 distinct areas of operation

1. VRLA (Ralve Regulated Lead Acid) Maintenance Free
2. Tubulars (wet cell)
3. Gel.
4. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mart)
5. Carbon Lead
6. Lithium-ion
7. OPZ

1. Square wave Inverters.
2. Modified Sine wave Inverters.
3. Pure Sine wave Inverters.
4. Hybrid Inverters.
5. High Voltage Inverters.
6. Off/On Grid Inverters.
7. Multi Grid Inverters

1. Mono crystal Panels.
2. Poly Crystal Panels.
3. Tin Film Panels.
4. Solar Shingles or Solar roofing tiles.
5. Smart Panels

1. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
2. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
3. High Voltage SCC.

1. Solar Rechargeable Fans (Standing, Wall Mounted, Ceiling)
2. Solar Pressing Irons.
3. Solar Televisions.
4. Solar Air Conditioners.
5. Solar Refrigerator and Freezers.
6. Solar Water Heaters.
7. Solar Street lamps.
8. Solar Garden lamps.
9. Solar Egg Incubators.
10. Solar All in One lights.
11. Wind Turbine.
12. UPS System (online and line interactive).
13. Solar Hair Clippers, Blenders, Kettles etc

We offer both physical and online man power training on Inverter and solar energy design, installation and maintenance (Basic, Advanced and Masters Classes).
Through partnership with Governmental Agencies, Corporate bodies, NGOs etc, we provide highly subsidized training program for women and youths in rural areas.
We also provide periodic free online training on basic renewable topics through our YouTube channels

We provides decorative concrete solutions for that unique perfect finishing such as:

1. Epoxy Metallic Flooring (upto 228 colors to choose from).
2. 3D Image Flooring and Wall Panels.
3. Stretch Ceiling and Wall Mural.
4. Epoxy Flakes.
5. Rustic Woods.
6. Stamped Concrete.
7. Overlays and SureSprays

1. Manually Operated.
2. Automatic Hand wash and Sanitizer.
3. Solar Operated Automatic Hand Washing and Sanitizer Machine

1. Automotive Batteries (Car, SUV's and Heavy Duty Sizes)
2. Automotive Tyres (Cars, SUV's and Truck Sizes)
3. Stand alone and All-in-One Automatic Jack (Cars and SUV)
4. CCTV Camera Installation and maintenance.
5. Electric Fence.
6. Automatic Gates installation and maintenance.
7. Access Control installation and maintenance.
8. Air Compressors.
9. Hardware Tools.
11. High Quality, Super Efficient and Ultra low consumption Energy Bulbs.
12. AVR (Transformer base, Industrial and Servo)

Mode of Operation

1. Design

We conduct energy audits to determine the current energy need or future energy requirements and based on produce a best design to meet such needs.

2. Procurement/Supply

With our indept knowledge of the renewable energy market, we can assist in procurement and supply of best quality products that will meet customers expectations.

3. Installation

We engage in actual installation of the equipment on site

4. Maintenance and Servicing

We service and maintain existing systems to ensure optimal performance.

5. Repairs and Reactivation

We conduct both on-site and off-site trouble shooting, repair and reactivate of broken down systems

6. Vendor Services

We provide vendors services through providing proforma invoice for 3rd party installations.

7. Consultancy Services

We provide professional insight for clients who have already engaged a 3rd party installation firm to ensure Global best practice and efficient deployment of systems.


installation & project development

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