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Solar station concept is a unique initiative of K.P.L energy .it involves designing and installing solar energy at strategic areas in rural  and inner city centres that will generate clean and sustainable energy to support multiple micro businesses simutanenously. This will create employment for the youth and fresh school leavers and empower them economically, thereby reducing crime, unemployment and rural – urban migration.
This unique concept can be sponsored by government agencies such as sure-p, amnesty programs, N.G.Os or private or corporate investo

Other Features

Efficient Energy Utilization

Inverter and Solar system enables one to maximize energy by discharging only the amount of energy required to power equipment thereby conserving energy and extending time of power supply unlike generators and public power supply that will deliver specific amount of energy irrespective of your consumption level.

Uninterrupted Power Supply:

With the near zero transfer time and automatic switching function of inverter and solar energy system down time due to power cut from public power supply will be eliminated in homes and offices.

Maintenance Free

With an inverter and Solar system, the need for continuous maintenance of generating set high replacement cost and constant scarcity of fuel and gas needed to power generating set with risk of fire associated with fuel storage are eliminated.

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Company Profile

Kingdom Purposes limited is a company duly registered with the corporate Affairs commission with registration number RC 460718. The company was Incorporated in 2002 and have been in operation since 2006.

We specialize in designing, supply and Installation of renewable energy (Inverters, Deepcycle battery, solar panels and automotive battery) 
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Our mission is to provide innovative, efficient, and environmental friendly alternative power and renewable energy solution that is cost effective and delivers value to our client and provide enviable returns to our share holders.


Our vision is to become a leader in the provision of efficient, affordable and environmental friendly source of energy


Core Competencies

Our core competence lies in our experience garnered over the years, sound technical know – how, excellent after sale services and well trained and highly motivated team.

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Leadership Team


Mr Josiah Ugochukwu



Mrs Ebele Ezulike


Professor Ephraim Aniebona

Prof.in Electrical Electronics and Renewable Energy

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